Wednesday, December 31

And we're off!!!

Well, we're at the beginning of 2009... and I'm at 600 total posts, can you believe it?? I just want to thank all of my D PLUM friends and faithful readers... your encouraging comments and prayers keep me going. 2008 was a great year for Mosaic DC... looking forward to even greater things in '09!

I wanted to begin the year highlighting different posts from the past year... and I thought it'd be a good idea, then, to highlight your favorite posts... as indicated by the number of visitors my site picked up on various days. So, your fingers did the walking... now let's do the talking!

The Top 15 Posts of 2008 from D PLUM dot org

1. Life is Short

2. Wisdom Doesn't End Here

3. Living Like There's No Tomorrow

4. Please Hear My Heart

5. Sunday Nite Speak, Oct. 9

6. The Words We Speak

7. Back in the Saddle

8. Don't Freak Over Halloween

9. HIS Word!

10. Sunday Nite Speak, Oct. 26

11. On Seeing...

12. it: How Churches Can Get IT and Keep IT Going

13. Long-Distance Relationships

14. Can Anything Good Come Out of Takoma Park?

And... last but definitly not least...

15. I Hit Bambi!!

The amazing thing is that all of these posts are from within the last 4 months, which is the span of time that we've also seen our greatest growth at Mosaic. Ironic? Don't think so... ;-)

Again, thanks for reading and keeping up with this blog... I look forward to more great posting and making more connections through the blogosphere in 2009!


Carol said...

Reading over the ones you've posted today, #11 and #1 especially stuck out to me. Some thoughts:

#11 - I love the idea of having God's perspective/lens, definitely one that I have been thinking about a lot lately, especially in terms of loving people (those who are easy and hard!). This stems from utter transformation in our hearts from He who touched us, which should permeate to our hearts and ultimately, our actions. :) Very cool post, Pastor D.

#1 - Time here is such a crazy concept! I really liked that story you posted at the end, haha, dang, how horrible. Gave me some to think about: what am I doing with the (short) time I have here?

Have a blessed 2009 Pastor D! Looking forward to coming back to Mosaic and hearing you preach the Word. :)

Jason Curlee said...

Happy New Year is going to be amazing all around

Kevin said...

I hit Bambi was number one for me.