Friday, October 31

Don't Freak Over Halloween!

Okay... so we all know this stems from a pagan holiday... so does Christmas. Get over it. And, yes, we all know the difference between Halloween and Christmas... just go out, have fun, take your kids trick or treating!

This is a good time to let your friends and neighbors know that you're not weird... you know how to have as much fun (and do it tastefully) as the next person. And don't put any cheesy tracts in their bags that say, "God is not spooky" or "Wanna meet a real Ghost??"!! Sheesh! Just wish them well, thank them for coming by, and pray to yourself that God will allow your paths to cross again. ;-)


Kevin Davis said...

I'll give you an amen to that.

Carla said...

You know, when I was a kid (a pastor's kid, at that!) we had Halloween parties at our church--dress up scary and everything--the teenagers would make haunted houses--to be truthful, I miss that. I've heard it said we should take every opportunity to make fun of the Devil and his "power." Maybe that's just a lame excuse. But yeah, I agree that it's become a really stressed-out holiday, and it's too bad.

brian said...

My man I had to kick myself in the butt because it was a good opporunity to really show the love of Christ. I agree with you whole heartedly