Friday, October 10

HIS Word!!

Forever, Lord, will Your Word remain!
We sing glory to Your name!
Glory to Your name!

Forever King, of eternal fame!
We sing glory to Your name!
Glory to Your name!
-- from "Your Word", by the Parachute Band

I'm convinced there is a famine of God's Word at the present time in many churches.

I know... hard statement. But TRUE statement. That's not judging anyone at all, just stating the facts (of which I'm checking and challenging myself, as well). Sometimes... as pastors and preachers... we're so concerned to "deliver a good talk" or "get all our points right" - or, if we're really honest, impress people - that the Word of God remains shut up within us... we've proclaimed our own word, with no power from the Almighty.

I've been guilty of that... it's an easy trap to fall into. I want God's power to anoint my lips... His Word to flow through me unhindered... to break the chains of sin and to transform lives...

... starting with my own.

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