Monday, October 6

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Long day today, so this will be a "short speak"... ;-)

* AWESOME NITE TONIGHT, BABY!!! Numbers are continuing to grow... people are really excited... which is evident, because 1) they're bringing their friends... and 2) their friends are returning... with friends!

* We are just about ready to break the "first growth barrier" (65 in attendance)... YAY, GOD!!

* People see that number, and they say (usually with a smirk), "Why aren't you guys growing faster?" So, let me peep you on what's been happening: 1) We're an intentionally multiracial church. That's not an easy thing to grow... yet it's growing that way. 2) The "experts" say that churches like ours grow usually in three ways in the early days of church planting - one, unbelievers come to faith thru our ministry; two, interracial couples find our ministry; and three, people (no matter the race) who have been already thinking through "the race issue" find there way to our ministry. We've seen all three... and we've come to find out that it's true what the experts say! 3) Our growth hasn't been explosive, but it's been consistent! As many of you know, we started out with 13... so, we've more than tripled in attendance. ;-)

* The pastor of one of the most racially-balanced churches in the country, in the most racially diverse city in the country, told me they were averaging only between 50-60 people by the end of their second year (24 mos). We're in month 17, and are already passing those numbers... YAY, GOD!!

* Amidst the growth, there are also some transitions... but it's amazing how God is already answering prayer! More later on that...

* One Month to Live had an AWESOME KICKOFF tonight!! YAY, GOD! If you weren't there, you missed it... so, come on out next weekend!

* I think we're gonna connect quite a few people in our Connection Groups with the OMTL small group study... don't have the numbers in front of me, but I'm thinking they're pretty good!

* The Cowboys won tonight.. YAY, GOD! :-D

* Hey, don't forget to check us out on Facebook! If you haven't already, join our Mosaic Community Church group, so you can keep up with what's going on with us! ;-)


Kevin Davis said...

That is awesome to hear D-Plum - thanks for the update.

I think part of being multi-cultural is not being a Cowboys fan, I'm just sayin'. You marginalize non-Cowboy fans with such love.

Joking aside I'll be praying for you and your community and please keep up the fight to stay multicultural. I didn't realize it when I moved to Michigan from Colorado, but the Detroit metro area is incredibly segregated still. I never realized what I took for granted growing up in the west - I miss the mix of cultural.

I also no that it is no easy task and the separation, the fears and the past still haunt our country and unfortunate the community of God's people - though it shouldn't. God's Kingdom is beautiful diverse and our churches should be too.

Go Broncos!


You're funny, dude... all that coming from someone whose team lost to the CHIEFS!!! Nuff said. ;-)

Yeah, man... multicultural ministry is difficult, but it's God's heart, I think. I almost NEVER meet planters who say they're intentional about starting a multicultural work, because it's (in my opinion) easier to do something homogenous. And why not? Birds of a feather always flock together, right? But if the Church doesn't break the trend of that garbage, then who will? We need to be the ones initiating movement... not the world!

Oh, yeah... Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo... all those Northern/Midwest cities where blacks migrated to years ago are very segregated! Especially the industrial cities...

Hope all's well, man... amazing how I'm ALL OF A SUDDEN seeing people sport their Redskins jerseys!! ;-)

Carol said...

Hey Pastor Darren,
I just wanted to write and tell you I am super excited about the series this month! And to let you know that I am a blogger too! Maybe not so avid, but yeah!

Tracey Smith said...

AWESOME to hear what God is doing at Mosaic! Keep up the "Hard Stuff"... It does pay off in the end! Many prayers...T


Thx, Carol! So far, so good? (series) Glad you're coming out... I checked out your blog, too! Good stuff! ;-)

Tracey, thx for the encouragement, dude! It's been great dialoguing with you... glad we've connected!