Sunday, October 26

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Good service tonight!
* We've officially transitioned our worship... sad to see Brian go. Had a great time hanging out with him and his family tonight, though!
* Felt a little rushed with the message tonight, but overall I think it went ok.
* Loving the college students coming out...
* The Cowboys won today... thank the Lord! :-)
* A little over a week until the election... I will be SO GLAD when this is finally over. I enjoy history being made, but the craziness that comes along with that is amazing. So many nonchalant, flippant statements from BOTH camps... and then people have the nerve to get upset because they're called out. Simply amazing.
* And while I'm on my soapbox... if you blog or send out mass emails, at least know that what you put out there is open for disagreement. Bloggers, DON'T TURN OFF YOUR COMMENTS BECAUSE PEOPLE TAKE ISSUE WITH YOUR POST! You took the risk and posted your viewpoint and opinion on the WORLD WIDE WEB... deal with the flak. And emailers, if you don't want people to "reply to all", THEN DON'T SEND OUT MASS EMAILS... or, at the very least, BLIND COPY it!! Because if someone replies to everyone you sent it out to, that's not hijacking... that was poor "contact list management" on your part. So, don't get upset... get smart. ;-)
* And I moderate my comments, so I'm straight, lol!
* Did anybody see Mike Singletary's post-game interview? DANG!! Get 'em straight, baby!! :-)
* Prayin' that this week will be an awesome, crazy productive week! And prayin' the same for you! ;-)

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