Friday, October 24

Friday Finale!

* Great week!

* Really enjoyed spending the day this past Tuesday with my dream-come-true bride, as we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! I married a hottie and I'm thankful! ;-)
* Reflecting over this last year, I'm so thankful we had Brian Jackson to give us our start, as we launched Mosaic! He's so energetic, and passionate about music... he's set the stage for us, as we move forward in fulfilling the vision God's given us! Gonna really miss Brian!
* Still waiting on that HDTV camcorder to arrive...
* Through God's sovereignty, Chuy and I got to eat lunch with SBC Prez Dr. Johnny Hunt today at our Church Planters' Network! Dr. Hunt preached... then, we had a time of Q&A. I asked the last question before lunch... and was given the task to escort Dr. Hunt to the front of the lunch line and eat with him! Wow!! I should start asking probing questions more often! ;-)
* I didn't know Dr. Hunt is Native American... that is WAY TOO COOL ("non-white" SBC prez)! I was wondering why he's so dark! LOL!
* I'll be glad when this election is over... too many racial and relational divisions. Stinks.
* I probably WOULD vote for this guy!
* Looking forward to Saturday, as we partner with the College Park Youth & Family Services and help them serve the community during their annual "Halloween Thing" event!* And Sunday should be off the chain!! We're continuing our One Month to Live message series with "Learning Humbly"... and I can't wait!
* See ya in a few days with Sunday Nite Speak! ;-)

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