Wednesday, October 1

Living Like There's No Tomorrow...

Okay... so, yesterday I posted the question, "What would you do - or stop doing - if you knew you had only weeks to live?" I think it's a good question! (didn't originate with me anyway, lol) But I only got a couple of comments... so, maybe you all are still thinking about how you'd answer (hmmm?) SO, I figure maybe if I post my answer, more will follow. We'll see. ;-) Here goes:

If I knew I had only weeks to live, here's what I think I'd do (or die trying):

1. I'd take my family to Hawaii for a week... send the kids back home to one of their grandmother's, and then spend another week there... just ME and KEE. ;-)
2. I'd still preach every Sunday... but I'd spend less time "preparing", and more time praying!
3. I'd make it to one Cowboys game (glad it wasn't the last one...)
as I can...
4. I'd hug my family zillions of times more than my middle son, Shawn, hugs me now (which is 1,345,926 times a day).
5. Everyday, I'd set new "records" for myself in seeing how many people I could share Christ's love with... no, not as a competition, but as a passion.
5. I'd sing the National Anthem for somebody's game (I wouldn't care who, at that point!)
7. I would try to spend one full day each with this guy, this guy, and this guy (the last dude seems to be just bananas for Jesus, and I would wanna feed off that passion if I had only days to live!)

Okay. You don't have to give seven, just a couple. But let 'er rip! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I would try hard to reach as many people as I could with the gospel. Even if I looked crazy doing it. I would tell my family that I loved them constantly. Look forward to an audience with Christ. Try to count the crowns I would be able to lay at Christ feet. If it where possible but i would try. Probably try to to religious acts to try to get more. Knowing it would not work.(Motive) Read the biblical accounts of heaven. Search my self again to see if I am truly saved. Go over Romans 10:9 or 9:10 can't remember which. Write my unborn child a letter from my heart. Telling him my life and the pitfalls I have encountered on the way. i would tell him how I came to know christ and the importance of a life with Christ. If I could afford it I would want to go to the cayman islands to fish and golf until the time of my death came.