Tuesday, September 30

Heads Up!

I'm really looking forward to our new series, One Month to Live... as we allow God to challenge and change us to live more with a sense of urgency! So... quick question for my readers out there:

What would you start - or stop - doing, if you knew you had only weeks to live?

Looking forward to some great comments... POST AWAY! :-)


Carletta said...

Wow...I think that I would go on vacation with my husband and spend as much time with him and God before I passed. I don't think that I would want my friends and family to know.

nathanhyde.com said...


That's a great question! Last weekend I was staying with some family in Pennsylvania, and at one point I checked their Tivo and found an 8-minute summary of the first three seasons of "LOST." It was pretty well done--they used clips from the first three seasons and had a narrator quickly explaining everything in short sentences.

Anyway, at one point in the summary two of the characters, a man and a woman, thought they were about to die. The narrator says: "And so they had sex." And judging from the footage, the narrator wasn't lying!

Isn't that the way we think apart from Christ? If I'd been asked your question when I was 16, my answer would look much more like "LOST," and honestly, if I were to answer your question today, I have to admit that I would want to indulge in selfish things like traveling and eating fattening food as well as sharing the gospel with people.

Hey man, when you ask profound questions on your blog, you're gonna get comments like this!

Have a great day and God bless you.