Monday, September 29

Sunday Nite Speak!!

* First, let's get this outta the way: hats off to the 'Skins! Cowboys blew it... 'nuff said. ;-)

* GREAT WORSHIP GATHERING TONIGHT!!! Numbers continue to climb... first time guests are returning... music was crankin', worship was TIGHT! AND I LOVE IT WHEN THEY CALL ME BIG POP-PA! Okay, so throw out that last statement... we really did have a great nite, though! :-)
* We finished the God's Dream Team message series tonight... we usually take a "series break", and do a stand-alone message or two... but we're gonna jump right into our Once Month to Live series. With Anthony's death - as well as a couple of other timely reminders - I really feel the Lord leading our community of faith (and believers everywhere) to have more of a sense of urgency about the way we live our lives. Too many of us live without passion (or we're passionate about the wrong things)... we take our earthly relationships for granted; we need to learn to love more fully... we live without direction, and we need to humbly learn God's purpose for our that we can one day leave boldly our earthly residence and have a legacy that long outlasts us. We need to learn to live as though we have once month to live!
* I mentioned tonight at church about our next message series, and that the title didn't originate with me, but from a pastor in Houston named Kerry Shook... and one of our college students came up to me afterwards and said, "Kerry Shook is my pastor!" Wow... small world!
* Well, tonight was the last Sunday for Amelia... our Creative Ministry Coordinator. She was only volunteer staff, but was so faithful... the prime example of how a volunteer should serve. She was extremely passionate about Mosaic, and longed for her church to be a place that reaches people who are far from Christ. A... I'm gonna miss you terribly... but thanks for giving your best for the time you were here. This isn't goodbye... just "so long", for now. ;-)
* Tomorrow is my middle son Shawn's birthday (my little man is pictured above). I often call him our ADHD Poster Child... which REALLY could be true. :-) But, he is also one of the most loving little boys you'll ever meet. We literally have to tell him not to hug us... because he'll give us a hug whenever he sees us! He wakes up... hug. Enters the bathroom to get ready for school; he exits... hug. Eats breakfast, and in the middle of eating... hug. When he's finished eating... hug. I'M SERIOUS! Think I'm joking... He's our loveable little one. :-) So, I'm looking forward to HIS DAY tomorrow: A couple of presents in the morning... then school; comes home... Chuck E. Cheese's; comes back home, eats dinner, and has his birthday cake... more presents. Oh, how I long for the days of childhood! Where did they go?? :-)
* Okay, so we're gonna need some people to step up and fill the CREATIVITY SLOT!
* Is it just me, or does there seem to be a proliferation of vampire interest going around these days? The Twilight book series... the HBO series, Trueblood... wassup with that??
* Malcolm and I leave for Catalyst a week from Wednesday night, baby!! Can't wait... and Malcolm is cool to take road trips with. Lovin' the way he's growing... God's gonna really use him to take our technology and sound/lights, etc. up several notches... mad gifted dude. And I get crazy excited when tech guys are passionate about the Word... incredible influencers for Jesus!!
* Tomorrow morning, I meet with a guy who has no idea how much I love his teaching! I've only heard him a few times, but the dude's incredibly gifted. Hoping to nail down a date to have him come speak. ;-)
* Okay... more from the D PLUM lata! Peace!

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