Sunday, September 28


The only part about having evening worship gatherings that I don't like is that there is the occasional HYPED GAME you end up missing... like today's COWBOYS-REDSKINS game!! Augh! Today, the Cowboys will prove to all haters that they're for real... my prediction:

Cowboys 34
Redskins 13

But if I have to miss a game, there's no place I'd rather be than at Mosaic's worship gathering! I love our folk there, and today we're celebrating our Creative Ministry Coordinator's last Sunday with us after the gathering... so we'll still be enjoying ourselves...

On my way home tonight, I'll stop by a friend's house to pick up a copy of the game he's taping for me... and my evening will be complete if I can view a Cowboys victory, which - of course - I've predicted. ;-)

Let's go, 'Boys!!!!!

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Kevin said...

I sure your really bummed now!!!! Way to go SKINS!!!! BTW, Thanks for the birthday wish! :-D