Tuesday, November 11

I Hit Bambi!!!

Well, actually, someone else hit Bambi... and I just... kinda... finished him off. :-/ I hate driving thru the mountains at night... got a flat tire outta the deal... coulda been a lot worse, ya know?

What a day... got a late start, because I have a bad headcold and didn't wanted to rest up before making the long drive to Roanoke... kept running into traffic in Northen Virginia... was 30 miles outside of Roanoke, and then WHAM!!! Somebody had already hit it, but I didn't see it in the road... it was SO BIG, I couldn't even swerve around it or staddle it...


Sorry, Bambi.

So, I had to wait for AAA to come change out the flat (no, I was not touching that tire that had memories of Bambi on it), and - after almost 2 hours - I was on the road again.

I hate driving thru the mountains at night...


Kevin Davis said...

Too funny man - lol. I wouldn't have touched the tire either!


Yeah... and I have a PHOBIA with dead animals! So, you can imagine how the conversation went when the the road service guy arrived:

"Did you try to get the tire off?"
"Is it damaged?"
"Uhhh... I dunno."
"Sir, did u LOOK at the tire??"

He looked at me, like, "What a wimp!"

Did I care?
Nope. :-D