Monday, November 10

Morning Morning Reflections

* Headed down to Roanoke, VA this morning to attend our state convention's Annual Homecoming.

* Good weekend... had our Connection Group yesterday morning... loved it! Great group of guys... I love pouring into young men, and learning from them, as well.

* Good gathering last night at Mosaic... attendance is still up, even with a few people out. I love the fact that our peeps invite their friends regularly!

* Had 1 decision to follow Christ last night... YAY, GOD!!

* Thought yesterday's message went pretty well... we finished up the One Month to Live series (after 6 weeks, lol) and talked about Leaving Boldly, leaving a legacy of unity. Very apropro... especially in light of last week's election. I love the fact that we endorse neither the Republicans nor the Democrats... but Jesus the Revolutionary! ;)

* Didn't watch any football this weekend. The Cowboys had a bye, so I didn't keep up with the scores much... is anyone else out there like that??

* Reading through the Scrips in 6 months is proving to be challenging... but I'm loving my time in Genesis and Matthew!

* Say a prayer for D-Plum today... bad head cold, which will make traveling the 4-5 hours to Roanoke slightly miserable... but at least it's not raining!

* Dr. David Anderson of Bridgeway Community Church will be with us this coming Sunday. His church has been a model of sorts for us, at least as far as multicultural ministry goes. I think our Mosaic peeps are gonna love him! Then, the following week, Margaret Feinberg will be with us! THAT is a total God-thing... I love exposing our people to different communicators, and I'm so glad Margaret (and her husband Leif) are able to join us. If you're around for these two Sundays, you definitely wanna check out David and Margaret at Mosaic!

* Need to hit the road. Cya!

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Rindy Walton said...

Love the pic!

Very cool about the speakers! Wish I could sneak down and listen to Margaret Feinberg!!