Tuesday, September 2

Back in the Saddle!

* Today's my first day back from vacation... and it feels really good to be rested! I'm looking forward to Sunday, after not preaching for 3 weeks straight...

* Mosaic had an end-of-summer cookout on yesterday... always love to hang out with the crew! And it was good to hear people still talking about the speaker from Sunday, Vic Simpson, who apparently nailed it with his message "What to Do When the Lions Come". Vic's a great friend... so grateful he was able to step in for me!

* Start a new message series this Sunday called God's Dream Team... can't wait!

* Also, really excited about the upcoming NFL season... go COWBOYS!!

* I joined my first Fantasy Football league... and I don't know what the heck I'm doing! I joined a free league with an automated draft, just so I can get my feet wet. What do I do now?? HELP!!!!

* Waiting to hear back from the Univ. of MD football team, as to which games I'll be the chaplain for... now, that is cool... pretty exciting stuff!

* This Sunday, if you have a football jersey of any kind, wear it to Mosaic! See you there! ;-)

1 comment:

Kevin Davis said...

Yo D-Plum - did you see my Broncos this preseason?

Good luck with the fantasy league - I'm doing one for the second time. Most of the strategy comes in the draft, getting the best players you can. From then on it is putting the best starters on the field, based on who they're playing that week. Don't be afraid to drop guys when the opportunity presents itself to pick up another on waiver. Have fun - don't play as a Cowboy fan - I played as a Bronco fan last year and I sucked.