Wednesday, September 3

The "Servant Evangelism" Guy

I got a call from this guy today... and we had a really great conversation about church planting, servant evangelism, one of my Mosaic guys that just moved to Cincinnati, the emergent movement, Nelson Searcy (I'm in one of his coaching networks)... a wide variety of topics. I had read, and liked, his books... and now I know why. We're both passionate about the same things: loving God and loving people! And Steve's had a MEGA impact on my philosophy of evangelism (although I haven't yet graduated to cleaning toilets, lol)

If you're not familiar with Steve Sjogren, you owe it to yourself to: Conspiracy of Kindness (which is definitely a classic), Irresistible Evangelism, Outflow, and 101 Ways to Reach Your Community... to name a few.

Looking forward to connecting more with Steven on some things in the future... keep you posted! ;-)


Nelson said...

You and Sjogren were talking about me....should I be nervous?



Nah, you're straight... nothing but good stuff. ;-)