Tuesday, January 13

Funny (but ultimately FRUITFUL) Day...

Twists and turns... isn't that the way our days go at times?

Yesterday was a really funny day for me. Not funny as in "haha", but kinda weird. I just couldn't get anything going... almost like a "mild depression" that I couldn't really figure out nor put my thumb on. Nothing major happened to warrant it. I did kinda "jump all into the stuff" of my son's bus driver, though - she deserved it (she was way over the top, yelling at him for something, and I let her have it! But I probably went overboard... hopefully, God will give me a chance to redeem that. "Man's anger doesn't bring about God's righteousness" (James 1:20). I know that... and I know better.

But I was feeling "the blues" even before that... strange day for me. Definitely not normal, and hopefully not a regular thing.

The evening ended better, though (although I got home much later than I wanted) - I had a counseling/mentoring session with a couple who just recently got married and who are pretty new in the faith. We had a really wonderful discussion about the truth claims of Jesus/Scripture, and the "narrowness" of the Gospel... and we rolled for almost 3 hours! Very rich... and very uplifting. It's awesome to see people raising questions and being honest about the doubts they have. The conversation went in a totally different direction than we had planned... but ended up right where God wanted us.

Then, while on the way home, I almost hit a deer again! The durn thing just walked out on the road, very nonchalantly... as if to say, "I'm not worried about it... he'll move." AUGH!!!! I had to swerve BIGtime to keep from hitting that rascal, and almost drove into the woods! I had to pause for about 5-6 minutes just to get my faculties back (really thought I was a goner on that one). Thankfully, I was okay... I still left very grateful, 1) that I was alive; and 2) that I had a chance to speak into the lives of a really wonderful couple... and had I (God forbid... especially for my fam) been critically injured from an accident, God would have been honored by my having just poured into the life of a very wonderful couple.

It was a rather strange day... another "twisty" day in the life of D-PLUM. :-)

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