Wednesday, January 14

French Fries & Fur

Yesterday, for lunch, I sat in our minivan in a neighborhood park not far from where our church meets... just to get some "alone time" and be able to study (read) in quietness. Just didn't feel like being in a Starbucks or Borders atmosphere. But, of course, I had to wrestle with distractions: first, a guy playing frisbee by himself... in the cold... weird... and then, along came Sammy... the squirrel. Ok, I don't know if that's really his name... but I guess he smelled my Five Guys fries and decided to get a little friendly. I haven't had very many positive experiences with animals, so this was pretty interesting to me. And Sammy and I enjoyed some fries "together".

As I reflected later on this rather cheesy incident, it amazed me how God sometimes uses the littlest things to remind us of Him. Sometimes, we worry ourselves ragged over how we're gonna pay this bill or meet that deadline... and yet, for those who've placed their trust in God, He promises to meet our needs. In fact, He tells us not to even worry about such things... that we're more valuable to him than birds, yet they never "worry" about where their next meal comes from... they don't horde up food for "slim times"... and He takes care of them (Matt. 6:26).
And I got to thinking about little Sammy: he had no idea that he was in for a french fry smorgasbord yesterday... he was running around, probably looking for acorns! Yet, the God who created him provided his meal (and some entertainment for me).

What is it that has you worried today? What woke you up this morning (or kept you awake last night), that you really have no control over? What is it that is bombarding your mind with worrisome thoughts? Can I get you to do something? Read this passage of Scripture, and allow God to flood your heart with His peace... and turn over to Him that thing that's bothering you so much. It's way too big for you, anyway... but He can handle it. He took care of Sammy yesterday... I think He can handle taking care of you today. ;-)


parrishpalace said...

AHHH, good reminder!

Kevin Davis said...

Frisbee by yourself seems like talent.