Friday, January 16

What Does Your Heart Say?

Doctors today have incredibly precise technology that allows them to diagnose certain ailments almost perfectly. They can use various scopes and machines to look inside of us and tell us what's going on. But because of human - and machine - error, they can always be wrong. Man, and his machines, are not infallible...

... such is not the case with God. When God looks into our heart, it tells him exactly what's going on inside of us. Even if outwardly we say or do one thing, our heart will show the genuineness of what was said or done. We can fool the people around us, but our heart never lies.

Join us at Mosaic this Sunday as we continue in our INFLUENCE series, with a message on "Leading Ourselves" - before I can effectively influence and lead others, I have to be able to lead myself!

Can't wait til Sunday... see you there!!

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