Monday, January 19

Monday Nite Mind Dump

* Doing my "Sunday Nite Speak" today, because I couldn't get to it last night...
* Good service last nite, numbers are coming back up...
* Karla and the band did one of my favorite songs, "Everyday"... LOVE that song!
* One more week with Chuy and Karla leading our worship... man, I'm gonna miss them!!
* Continued our INFLUENCE series last night with Leading Myself... God has called us to impact the lives of others... period. But we can't do that effectively if we're jacked up in our own lives. If our heart doesn't beat white hot for God, we can't expect to have much of a Kingdom influence. Makes sense, doesn't it?
* A friend and old pastor showed up at Mosaic last nite... always thought I'd be nervous if that happened to me... but I think it made me more confident, for some reason.
* Our two youngest boys have been sick with a virus... not fun. I don't know how Keda does it, but she's a trooper!
* Funny how God balances us with our spouses, right? I have a weak stomach and would be sick with the kids if I had to clean up after they threw up. Of course, she doesn't like it, but I'm glad it doesn't affect her like it does me. YAY, GOD!!! :-D
* Started feeling a little queasy yesterday evening before our Gathering... but so far, so good. I have developed a cold, though... ugh. And yes, I'm taking in a lot of fluids. :)
* Looks like we'll be kicking off 8 Connection groups in just a couple of weeks! That is WAY COOL!
* We launched our group ministry not quite a year ago with just 2 groups... I'm pumped!
* This go round, we have our first Fresh Start group for new believers and those who've been away from church awhile... YAY GOD!!!
* Still praying for a place to meet in the a.m! Put this at the top of your prayer list!!
* We're unapologetic about why we put such an emphasis on reaching the unchurched, and inviting them to church, as well.
*Scripturally, Jesus is crystal clear about our mission: Go and make disciples (Matt. 28:19). We don't even argue about it at Mosaic... it is what it is.
*Personally, I don't know where I'd be today if a guy (who didn't know me from Adam) hadn't reached out to me when I was a student at Univ. of MD. I was a "Christian" in name only... but my life was a mess. And I'm so glad that this dude wasn't so hung up on his own growth that he couldn't make time to reach out to me...
* Btw, I just reconnected with this guy over the holidays last month... hadn't seen or talked to him in almost 20 years!
* The longer I pastor, the more I realize how much I don't know. It's frustrating at times, but I'm thankful that God is patient... and so are the people at Mosaic! :)
* One of the things I like most about our church is seeing people so excited about what they're learning that they're inviting their friends and family to church! I'm always humbled, but yet always excited at God's greatness and His great mercy!
* On to football... no matter who your favorite team is, you've gotta be excited about the Arizona Cardinals!! Wow... first playoff appearance in 60 years, and they make it to the Super Bowl!
* Speaking of Super Bowl, our Feb. 1 gathering will be moved up an hour early to 4:30p... PLEASE MAKE A NOTE!!! If you arrive after 5:30 that day, you can help us break down equipment... :)
* It's late... but Shawn just woke up after sleeping for over 6 1/2 hours! Glad he's feeling better... eating a piece of toast and drinking Gatorade. What a life. :)

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