Sunday, January 11

Sunday Nite Speak!!

* Great gathering tonight! I love going to Mosaic!
* Led worship again... Karla was sick... good to have Chuy back tonight, though!
* Great to have our Mosaic band! Makes it a whole lot easier to lead worship when I don't have to play!
* We don't have a Service Coordinator, but I'm feeling the need for one... especially when I have to lead worship AND speak!
* Started our INFLUENCE series tonight... went really well! Look forward to some GREAT THINGS! Tonight's message was from here... on, "The Power of Influence." God's wired us to make a difference in this world... we're to embrace our influence, and leverage it wisely.
* Next week's message: "Leading Myself" - this should be GOOD!!!!
* Our metaphor image for the series is a domino... stacked side by side and given a little push, they create a beautiful, ripple effect - that's how our lives should be!
* Had a great video, featuring a group in Asia... building a very large, very creative design, using... instead of just dominoes... soap, cereal boxes, DVD cases, VHS videotapes, bic lighters... it was AWESOME!
* But I made the biggest blunder you can make in a multicultural church!! I made a comment at the beginning of the clip, about how one of our guys, Chris (who's Chinese), could've been our interpreter for the video. Everybody said, "Ooooooooooooohhh!" I was like, "What? Chris really could be our interepreter for this!" They said, "Noooo, Pastor D... the guys in the video are JAPANESE!!!" (talk about egg on your face)
* Students are starting to trickle back in from vacation break...
* Made a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT tonight: our worship leader and our band director are both leaving (they're married). They're moving to Virginia Beach... we hate to see 'em go, but we love them and wish them the best!!! :-)
* Which means, that yours truly will be leading the worship until God sends us a worship leader... hopefully, this will be sooner than later!
* Okay, I'm tired... time to hit the sack!


Rice said...

be encouraged-I pray God increases your laborers.

Parrishpalace said...

To whom much is given...much is required...
God will enable you to do ALL HE WANTS YOU TO DO.
Praying for strength, widom, and grace as you wear the many hats of ministry. For your wife and family as your roles increase may they know and sense your love for them increase. May the Lord surround you and work through you, your family, and church in such a way that only God CAN receive the glory!!!!