Wednesday, April 16

Just Some Thoughts...

* As we approach our ONE YEAR CELEBRATION ON MAY 4, I can't help but think of how awesome God has been over this past year... I love my church, I love my people (HIS people), and I just can't believe that I get to do what I do! Truly amazing, God's grace!

* I've received some really encouraging comments and emails from Sunday's service (see comments from my last post here). We don't have alot of people or money or other things that some church plants get started with... but we put alot of time and effort into creating the type of worship environment that people will connect with. We're not seeker-targeted, but we do think about the people that Jesus misses most as we plan our services... but we make sure that we still will connect with believers, as well. That's tough to do, but we do it. Actually, God does it through us, for real... we take no credit.

* Ran into a guy yesterday that I hadn't seen in about 17 years!! Don't know why, but God has really blessed me with a good memory when it comes to people. We didn't know each other well back then... I was working for a publishing company in downtown DC, and he was our Fedex guy! But it was good catching up. Back then, I was just starting to seriously walk with Christ... and one of my ministries was making Christian "Various Artist" tapes for people. I was SO PASSIONATE about music and discipleship, and really wanted my friends to have some "good" music to listen to! So, it was great running into Danny. Ironic thing: he's attending a church that just recently got started, and was worshiping in his basement for a while. How awesome is that???

* I've had a few pretty deep pastoral counseling sessions already this week... there is SO MUCH pain in the lives of people today. There's NO WAY we can minister effectively and not love people... not care about the broken lives, broken hearts, and broken homes that people are dealing with. Jesus, thank you SO MUCH for the cross, and for the fact that you're still restoring broken lives!

* A Mosaic couple surprised me yesterday with a Mosaic Church sticky pad, a "Pastor Darren/Mosaic Church" stamp (for notes/letters/envelopes), and a "Pastor Darren/Mosaic Church" pen... WAY too cool! See... sometimes it's just the little things. :-) Thanks, guys!

* I really love my wife. :-)

* I'm still thinking about that earring!!

* Went to the eye doctor today, and got my last stitch out from my surgery last month... OUCH! Actually, it wasn't too painful... and the Doc said that all is looking well. YAY, GOD!!

* Talked to a mentor and really good friend, who also pastors in the area... I am SO thankful for godly men like him. He has been in my corner from the first time we met... and, aside from my wife, has been my greatest encourager over these last few years. It struck me today how much I really love this guy... he gives advice without being pushy; he even asks me at times for advice, and treats me like I'm an expert on whatever it is he's asking about! He's been in ministry much longer than me, yet ALWAYS treats me as his peer. James, I love you, bro... you are indeed my pastor. ;-)

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Rindy Walton said...

I can't believe it's been a year--I think I've been following this journey almost since the beginning! cool!! I love what God is doing at Mosaic!