Sunday, April 13

Sunday Nite Speak!

* AWESOME SERVICE TONIGHT!!!! Several new faces in the worship band... BIG UPS to Chuy (pronounced "Chewie"), Japhet, Franklin, and Danny! Of course, we had our faithful fellas Brandon and Jonathan, too! They were crankin' tonight... thanks for all the hard work, crew! ;-)

* Didn't feel like I really nailed it tonight, but Keda said the message was DA BOMB... and she always tells it like it is. So, guess what? It was a good message! ;-)

* Started a new series tonight, Living a Heroic Life... actually, tonight was more a "prequel" but it fit well (spoke on Understanding True Success). Can't wait 'til next week to pick it back up!

* It's always awesome to see new people out... it just never gets old!

* Friday night, we had a Connection Groups Q & A/Game Night... designed, first of all, to cast vision and answer questions about our upcoming Connection Groups. HUGE SUCCESS!! Several people were there who'd never been in a group, and got to hear me speak rather passionately about why connection is so necessary for our lives. We're getting our groups off to a great start! The game night was just totally off the chain... love to see people connecting and doing life together!

* My long-time friend Marc Ware was in the house tonight, running the audio... thanks, buddy!

*Okay... I'm dog tired, so I'm about to hit the sack... more updates later... peace!


chyka_rc said...

Pastor D, its funny because tonight's message touched me so can see that God really uses us even when we feel weak and "out of it"!! At the end I shed a few tears because I felt the Holy Spirit was ministering to me in such specific and special way. Thank you for what you do! You and Marquita are a huge blessing!



Thanks for the really encouraging words, Karla! Glad the Holy Spirit "shows up" even when we feel like we don't! :-) SO glad you and Chuy have connected with us... "love" at first sight, I'd say! ;-)

Looking forward to getting to know you guys alot better... we love you much!

Jeff said...

D, the whole service was really excellent -- from the new musicians to the musical meditation on dwelling in the courts of God to the message. We ran into John and Cheryl at Moe's Southwest Grill up at Ikea afterwards and got to know them a lot better. Ann had a great time Friday night, too.


Thanks, Jeff... that's very encouraging! I'm hearing more and more about how people were really ministered to through the worship and message... it's encouraging to hear about God speaking to the hearts of people through His Word and through song!

Looking forward to this Sunday... and looking forward to being with you and Ann in our forthcoming Connection Group! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Darren,

Wanted to tell you and Marquita how much I enjoyed coming to Mosaic last Sunday as a first-timer. I was handed a postcard sometime last fall. Thought it looked interesting—knew God was sending me a message about attending, for I had asked for His help about finding a church in the area I could really connect with. Kept putting off attending until this week. Anyway, really appreciate the group’s warmth and hospitality. The worship band was awesome! Also, you really did hit a chord with the sequoia tree and Thomas’s English muffins imagery. Actually, am still giggling about those muffins. Am looking forward to coming next week, meeting more folks, and hearing the second installment in the new series.



Patty, thanks so much for the kind and thoughtful comment! :-) Really glad our worship gathering connected with you, and we look forward to having you with us again this upcoming Sunday!

p.s. I didn't get to meet you personally, so don't leave until we've met, ok? :-D