Tuesday, April 15

Sometimes It Pours!!

We've always prayed for good musicians at Mosaic... and God has always been faithful!

We've had to borrow a few people over this last year, but God has always been faithful. We started last May with only three of our own: Brian, on vocals... Smitty on percussion/drums... and Bernard on guitar. Then, this past fall, we added a couple more: Jonathan, on guitar/bass... and Brandon, on guitar. And, about 3-4 weeks ago... out of the blue... came some more musicians. Jesus (Chuy) and his wife, Karla, came with a couple of their friends. They were looking for a multiracial church... a place that embraced all cultures... and they loved Mosaic. They are also music school teachers. But not just any ol' kind of school... but the kind that trains worship leaders/musicians. Can I get an "Amen," somebody??????


So this past Sunday, Chuy and Karla brought some of their students, Japhet, Danny, and Franklin (who all told me they're looking for a church home and will more than likely stick around) and they sat in with our band. It was like "Salvador Meets Mosaic," and they tore it up for Jesus! :-) Not only are they really good musicians, but they're great people. It's been a joy getting to know Chuy, Karla, and their friends!

God is SO faithful... YAY, GOD!!!!!


Johnny said...

When's the horn section coming?? :-))


Hopefully soon, my man... hopefully soon! :-)