Sunday, April 20

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Good service... but man, was I tired afterwards! Had to pull "double-duty" tonight (preaching and leading worship), because Brian was out. We'll definitely have to do something different next time...

* Karla Rodriguez sang, for the first time at Mosaic (Chuy, you would've been proud)... did an awesome job, too! I felt more comfortable with her singing up there. We usually only have one vocalist... Brian... so, having another person really lent alot to the stage. Also, her younger brother Samuel filled in on the drums... thanks, man!

*I'm just glad the week's over! :-) Montrous week, that's for sure... hopefully, this one won't be too bad. Between counseling sessions, music rehearsal, doctor visit... I really got behind the 8-ball for a minute!

* Had about 6 visitors tonight... one of then is planning on hitting a Connection Group this week... YAY, GOD!

* One of the visitors was a guy named Malcolm that grew up in my old neighborhood! It was kinda strange, b/c it caught me off-guard... and my first thought was, "That kid... he used to ride skateboards in the neighborhood!" It was pretty cool getting to see Malcolm (and his wife, Jennifer) after all these years. He's in the Air Force, and just moved back to town a couple of weeks ago... they live within a mile of Mosaic... and found us on the internet! Talk about a God-connection! ;-)

* As soon as I was finished preaching, Keda came and gave me some tissue (I was sweaty... ewww), a mint (what was she trying to say??) and my water bottle. She absolutely loves serving! And she likes hubby to be right when he's meeting the guests... ;-) Thanks, babydoll!

* We had about 6 first-time guests tonight, which was cool... but we had almost 20 regulars out! Wha--??????

* Our message series is going pretty well (Living a Heroic Life). We talked about God's Everyday Heroes tonight, and how God wants to use ordinary, everyday people... who fully yield themselves to Him and are used to make a difference in others' lives. We went through Nehemiah 1 tonight, and we'll survey some more of the book next week. Can't wait!

* We're almost there... our ONE YEAR CELEBRATION!!!! I'm so pumped, I don't know what to do! :-)

* Everybody's pumped at Mosaic, too, because our Connection Groups kickoff this week... can't wait to report on how they go!

* Talked to one of my best blogging buddies this weekend... we're gonna hook up next week and catch an Orioles game... that, my friends, will be sweet!

* Ok... so, looking forward to a great week this week. Last week was pretty crazy... ;-)

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