Wednesday, December 5

Snowy Day in College Park!

Yup... it's snowing here in MD... the first snow of the season for our area! COOL BEANS!! Not enough to get too excited about... only 1-2 inches expected... but it's beautiful... and it's COLD out!!

Still, I went out this morning for our "Breakfast Bar Outreach" at the metro station, and had a couple of helpers... students from Univ. of MD: Kari came out to Mosaic on Sunday, and enjoyed it so much that she wanted to come out today to help... AND she brought her roommate, Lindsay, to help, as well! LOOK AT JESUS!! It was great having them out there today... even in the cold. Lindsay was so cold, she kept a little "dance" going, just to keep warm... ha!

But it's been exciting to see how God's been strategically placing people of peace AND INFLUENCE in my path over the last few weeks... and I'm looking forward to seeing how He's going to use them (and He WILL use them) to help connect us BIG-TIME to students on campus!

Only God...

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