Tuesday, December 4

I Take the Small Blessings, Too!

The Starbucks where I am working today, to "get my study on" and meet people, is the nicest one (of three) here in College Park. It's big... there's usually always an electrical outlet available (which is NOT the same for the other two), unless it's FINALS WEEK at the campus - then it gets pretty hectic. The only negative about this one is that the parking lot is METERED! And a quarter only gets you 20 minutes here... sheesh! Needless to say, I usually only hit this one a couple of times a week...

So, I just went outside to feed my meter... when I got there, some guy had the meter opened and was looking inside of it. He didn't look like the type to be breaking into a parking meter in broad daylight, so I just gave him a quizzical look. He explained to me that he's from the meter company, and they've received complaints about this particular meter... and since he opened it, he was giving me 90 minutes free... the meter max! YAY, GOD!! That's 4 quarters and a dime, baby!

I'll take that blessing! ;-)


Jay said...


i feel your meter-angst...we have the same problem in downtown columbia.

pretty cool when God uses the system to beat the system. maybe i'll complain about the one that always expires while i'm having meetings downtown!



Haha... let me know if that works, Jay!