Friday, December 7

Another Day, Another 400 Breakfast Bars!

Out again at the metro station today... the cool thing is that people are starting to recognize me! I could see this one lady from about 40ft. away... she got off the bus and, as soon as she saw me, she was smiling... as if to say, "The breakfast bar guy is back!"

Another cool thing was that today was the first day that someone actually received a bar and impact card... stop... and ask, "So where is this church?" And that happened 2 or 3 times! Usually, people are rushing to get their farecard and hop on the train... and they stop long enough to get the goods and say a quick "Thank you," but that's usually about it. So, we're praying for some fruit soon!

But it's like planting... you just don't get a return right away... it doesn't work like that! But, just because you don't get a harvest right away, it doesn't mean you stop sowing your seed! You keep on going, knowing that... in time... you'll receive a bumper crop that makes all the sowing worthwhile!

On a funny, albeit embarrassing, note... it was SO COLD this morning (I was out there from 7:15-9:15am), that at around the 90 minute mark my face and lips were starting to feel numb... and I could barely say, "Free breakfast bar!" It sounded more like, "Fwee bwikfst bah... uhh... fwee bwak... HERE!" :-)

It was cold. man... no joke... but prayerfully, someone's heart was warmed by the kindness of receiving a cereal bar for free. PRAY that the impact card will lead their fingers to our website and their feet to our worship gathering... and their heart to a radically-loving God who wants to transform them from the inside out.

And I'll stand in the freezing cold indefinitely for that. ;-)

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