Tuesday, October 30


I went to the bank today to get some quarters for the parking meter (yes, I have to "pay" to be at this one particular Starbucks... sheesh), and while I was standing in line, I heard a loud, male voice behind me say, "Hey, mutha f$&!*$!!" (sorry... I know I just messed some of y'all up!)

Thinking this dude was talking to me, but not knowing why... I turned around calmly, saying to myself, "Ok, D-Plum... the dude has lost his mind... LET IT GO!!!" But when I turned to face the man, what I saw was both shocking and sad: he was an older gentleman, and looked totally confused. He seemed to be MAD AT EVERYBODY... and yet, mad at NOBODY IN PARTICULAR. It was clear he wasn't playing with a full deck... he just kept walking around, cussin', lookin' all angry... at no one in particular!! Just talking to himself...

And I couldn't help but think: That's just how the unchurched views us! Mad at everybody, but nobody in particular... just MAD! (see how BOB FRANQUIZ worded it in this post) Why are we sometimes so angry? And why do we always have to be "right?"

And somebody please tell me... why does it always seem like THE CHURCH IS TALKING TO ITSELF?!?!


nathanhyde.com said...

Poignant post!

Richard said...

Amen, D

That is how the unchurched view us.
I want to know where is the Love of Jesus?
Someone tell the Church "it's about the Love"

Dad's Team.