Thursday, November 1

"I Would Share My Faith More If..."

What keeps you from sharing your faith in Jesus more? Scroll down the page and cast your (anonymous) vote in the poll... thanks so much! ;-)

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brother4Him said...

Darren, I also believe Christian don’t share for the fear of rejection. But they need to remember that they are rejecting Christ not us. God put us here to share with everyone His good news. It is the job of the Holy Spirit that does the convicting. We are put here to love people and share His good news with them. His word said to don’t be afraid and to go boldly for I am with you. Those are the things we need to remember as we share Christ with people. We are really saving their life. We are giving them a chance to decide where they want to spend eternity, heaven or hell? The choice is there’s all we are doing is sharing the options to them, they have to pick. So we need to love people enough to share with them and give them the opportunity to choose.
Your brother in Christ,