Tuesday, October 30


Church planting is really difficult (just being honest)... but I've said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE IT, AND IF I COULD PROVIDE FOR MY FAMILY, I'D DO IT FOR FREE! It's awesome to be secure in your calling... and I've found my "sweet spot." Now, of course, I know there will be some really "dog days" ahead... and, maybe next year this time, I might be pulling my hair out! :-) But, if that's the case, I'll look back on encouraging words like I just received from a 1st-time guest about this past Sunday nite's gathering:

"Sunday Night was awesome.You all made me feel at home there. Its not the case at other churches that new people get a welcome like that. Great Job to Mosaic partners. Darren I see why you always say I LOVE THAT PLACE. I do too. See you all Sunday!!!!"

Believe me, I know Mosaic has a long ways to go... we're still not hitting on all cylinders... yet we're encouraged, because we see the vision being fulfilled! Sunday night, we were RIGHT AT 50% NON AFRICAN-AMERICAN... that's major! (fyi, the above words are from a 38-yr old Caucasian guy) People are excited about what God is doing, and what He will CONTINUE to do at Mosaic... and we don't take any credit... it's totally a God-thing! HE gets the glory... HE gets the honor... because HE has done it!!

YAY, GOD!!!!

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