Sunday, June 10

Sunday Thoughts...

Another good service tonight... we wrapped up the Forgiveness series with a message entitled "The Road to Restoration", from Luke 15 (Prodigal Son)... seemed to resonate with people. It definitely resonates with me, whenever I read that passage. God's forgiveness is something that I still can't wrap my brain around!

5 newcomers tonight! One young lady brought her third visitor! The encouraging thing about that is we've only been meeting for six weeks... she came to our launch service and just continues to invite her friends! We also had someone come out from the impact cards that we passed out at the Metro station two months ago! I had been praying all week that we'd begin to see some more fruit from our outreach efforts... look at God!!

Really touching for me tonight was the fact that a young Latino guy that I've been ministering to came out for the first time! He got there pretty late, but he came out... that's a great step. God's got something huge in store for this guy... I'm sure of it!

Momentum is building... ever so slowly... but it's building!


Shaula said...

No advertisement can equal friends bringing friends. Great news!


Great to hear what God is up to.

rindy said...

Sign that lady up for a job! ;)

Great to hear it went well!!

Stop by and check out my new blog...venturing out a bit...guys like you inspire me to listen to those little whispers, step out and see what happens! It's linked to my site...can't miss it!