Wednesday, June 6

Evan Almighty

I saw a free screening for this last night, and... I won't fake it... the movie left me a little disappointed. Not quite sure what I was expecting... I hadn't even seen the previews... but I thought it'd be a little better.

There were definitely some funny parts, but - overall - I thought it was somewhat corny. Now, you could pull out some topics for your messages: faith, obedience, prayer... and there might even be some funny clips to use as illustrations... but good movie? Nah. I think Ben Stiller would've done a great job as Evan Baxter, though. :-) To be fair, young kids will love it for all the animals alone... so take your little ones if you're going to go see it.

In spite of all that, I had a great time chillin' with Brian (our Worship Arts guy), as well my good buddy DeAndre... who just graduated from Howard U, and is a budding film maker and director... BIG UPS, D!!!

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cato's joy and pain said...

Hey sorry the movie bombed.....But at least you had some time wit the fellas. Sounds like all is well. Talk to you later