Monday, June 11


Monday morning... a little groggy, b/c I woke up around 4:30 and couldn't back to sleep for awhile... had a headache last night, and took 2 Excedrin Migraines before going to bed... yup, I think that's what did it. Do you know how much caffeine is in one of those little jokers?? Jimineez! Shoulda got Motrin instead... yeah, I know, Keda, you told me so... :-)

Anyway, since I was up, I laid in bed and prayed for a bunch of you this morning... :-)

This is funny: my two youngest sons, Shawn (8) and Seth (3), recently got turned onto Michael Jackson's Thriller cd... now, they listen to it several times a day! And you know what? No one had to tell them "which songs" to listen to... they naturally gravitated to all the classics: Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'... amazing, how an album (no cd's back then) can have the same effect on people 25 years later!

Wish you could hear little Sethie as I'm typing this: he's in the background singing, "Cuz this is frilla... frilla night!"

TOO funny! :-)

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