Friday, May 1

2 Years

Can't believe Mosaic DC has reached the 2-year mark... this has been an incredible journey. They say the first two years of a new church is the toughest... if you can make it through that time intact (key word), you will probably have set a good foundation for the next several years.

This Sunday, Pastor Steve Layne of New Life Fellowship will be our guest speaker... incredible communicator, and very passionate about the God he worships. Prepare for an exciting Word!!

To friends of all over: keep praying for Mosaic! 2 down... hopefully, many more to come!

I love all of you from my heart...

Pastor D


tony sheng said...

congrats on 2 bro. awesome!

ParrishPalace said...

Such exciting things the Lord id doing-how cool for you to be a part of it!
Keep looking to Him!

Kevin Davis said...

High Five Bro! & many more to come.

Rindy Walton said...

Congrats!! I love watching your journey! Keep pressing forward!!!