Sunday, May 3

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Good nite tonight... Steve Layne did an awesome job! Hit the nail on the head, he did... the guy's a phenomenal preacher! Great way to celebrate TWO YEARS OF MINISTRY: Steve spoke from Joshua 1... BACK TO THE FUTURE - looking back on the blessings of God, but moving forward to what He has in store for us! Look back, but don't stay behind!

* Thought the worship was good... man, I am DRAINED, though! FOUR MONTHS of double duty has really taken it's toll. Pastor D is depleted... for real. I'll be taking it relatively easy over the next few weeks, though. Guest speakers coming in... hopefully, guest musicians, too! Great to know there are guys connected to me who love this ministry and want to help out!

* My friend Shawn McBride was in the house tonighte... what an encourager! He's a BIG PROPONENT of churches loving hard on their pastor (and no... I didn't tell him to say ANY OF THAT, lol!) So, he came up and gave a few words and a "brief" challenge to the church... good stuf, Pastor Shawn! And Mosaic... you guys STEPPED UP WELL!!! Good gracious modacious! Thank you SO MUCH for being so generous! What Shawn said was true... Pastors are human, too, and need to sometimes see/hear/feel love from their people. You showed that today... thank you.

* Well, I will be taking a MUCH NEEDED blog break... I shall return soon in a week... or two. ;-)

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