Sunday, April 26

Sunday Nite Speak

* Tonight was a good nite... a very apropo message on temptation. Very CONVICTING message (for me), and seemed to really touch several people.

* Why do so many of us take paths we KNOW are wrong... get to the destination we KNEW we'd get to... and WONDER HOW WE GOT THERE? But we should've seen it coming from a mile away!

* Proverbs 27:12 has totally rocked my world!!!

*One of the most important things to understand about temptation is that it's much more than what we just see in front of us!

* BIG UPS to Brian and Christina... two UMD students who've been coming regularly to Mosaic DC for the last month. Christina became a Christ-follower last year, and Brian just started following Jesus last month! They both were baptized this morning at Christina's home church in Belair, MD!! YAY, GOD!!! :-) Keep rockin' it guys... I'm proud of you!

* Speaking of BIG UPS: a MAJOR SHOUT-OUT to my man Darrius Heyward-Bey, wide receiver from UMD who got drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the first round (7TH PICK!!) of the NFL Draft! That's HUGE!! Proud of you, D!! Just remember us little people (especially Pastor D, lol!) :-D

* Got to see my good friend Savannah tonight... who bought out a friend she recently met while working out. Said she thought Mosaic would be a great fit for her... her friend seems to think so, too... Now, that is TOTALLY awesome when people who aren't even members or attenders of your church are pointing people to your church! YAY, GOD!!!!

* My Cowboys didn't make a huge splash in the draft, at least not in the first two rounds. But, holy moley!! They ended up with 12 picks, which is the MOST in the NFL since 1994, when the draft expanded to seven rounds. Dallas stockpiled on picks who could make an immediate impact on the special teams. Most fans aren't excited... but I think this was an excellent draft for them!!

* Okay... so next Sunday marks MOSAIC DC's 2-yr Anniversary!!!! YAY, GOD!!!!!! Wow... this time has gone by really fast! My good friend Professor/Pastor Steve Layne will be our guest preacher... I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to that!!!! We're not having a major celebration this year... but would love to see you if you're not doing anything at 5:30 this coming Sunday, May 3.

* OMG(osh), I will be 41 next week... I'm getting ancient!

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