Tuesday, April 21

Tuesday Thoughts...

* I really love our gatherings at Mosaic DC... our people are cool, alot of Univ. of MD students... but also non-students, as well. I love how God is growing our community, bringing along people of different racial/ethnic/spiritual backgrounds than what we launched with (TOTALLY awesome)!

* Doing WAY too much these days... my own fault. Things will be changing soon, over the next couple of months... leaders are stepping up and stepping out... and that's a sweet thing.

* Giving a lot of thought to the WHO, WHEN, and WHERE for our next church plant... gonna be interesting to see what God has planned for us!

* I have a handful of REALLY STRATEGIC meetings this week, starting this morning... could use your prayers! ''* Loving this series on James! I can see why some guys like to teach VERSE BY VERSE through Bible books... you really want people to get every nook and cranny of that book! For us, though, there's SO MUCH we need to cover... verse by verse "exposition" (at least, through whole books) would keep us from getting to all that we need to. However, I do want to do more book studies... to date, this is the second one we've done (did Ruth last year). Any suggestions for our next one? :-)

* Wondering if the Cowboys have any "tricks" up their sleeve for this weekend's draft...

* Just got the DVD's from Fellowship's C3 Conference back in February... can't wait to see them!

* Just heard this guy on ESPN comparing Manny Ramirez to Ted Williams! As much as I like Manny... ummmm... NOT! :-)

* QUESTION (for individuals and churches): If you moved out of your neighborhood, 1) would you be missed? 2) What would you be remembered for?

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