Wednesday, April 15

God Our Provider

My Pastor, Bernard Fuller (Sr. Pastor of New Song Bible Fellowship Church), always told me, "Where God guides, He also provides." That has been a mantra for me, my family, and my ministry for many years... and God has never proven us wrong.

12 years ago, my family and I relocated to Atlanta, GA where I took a position at a Bible College... as well as being a full-time student there so I could finish my degree. The first 18 months were rough, to say the least... promises had been broken, and we were trying to make do on $500 a month ($350 was our car note... $150 was car insurance... you do the math). CRAZY!!!! But God was ALWAYS faithful!! Through speaking engagements, music engagements, and gifts from friends, we were able to make it until God brought in steadier income for us. We learned to trust Him... and stay up under the adversity until He moved. Hard lessons were learned... but they were also GOOD lessons, because they taught us more about Him.

Recently, the church that sponsored Mosaic's startup suffered a church split. We hadn't come out of that church, but they believed in the vision God gave us and were more than willing to partner with us. But not only would the split cause the church problems, it was going to take a toll on us... they were covering roughly 25% of our salary! But there was no worry, no anxiety, no discouragement on our part... because where God guides, He also provides... He'd done it before, He'd do it again! So, after praying, we sent out support letters to a handful of churches and just a couple of individuals... all whom had already been praying for us and encouraging us along this journey. And the response has been awesome! In just a little over 2 weeks, we've received commitments to almost cover that shortage... with more commitments to come! YAY, GOD!!!

Praise God, who ALWAYS shows Himself strong on behalf of those who trust Him (2 Chron. 16:9)... WHERE GOD GUIDES, HE ALSO PROVIDES!!

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Brian Foulks said...


Man I am still trying to faith that place of faith. It continues to be a journey for me in that area of stepping out on faith. As I battle everyday with church planting I deal with the financial aspects. Brother this has been going on for 3 years. Much respect to you for following God.