Sunday, April 12

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Awesome Easter gathering tonight! A different spin on Easter, I think... :-)
* We started our Journey Thru James series tonight, with the first message from chapter 1, verses 2-4... how God grows us through adversity. We can expect "dark days" as part of this fallen world... but we're to have the right perspective in the midst of the difficulty, understand the purpose of the difficulty(endurance/spiritual toughness), and hold onto the promise that going through difficulty brings (maturity).
* Also, the promise is solidified for us because of Jesus' resurrection! He endured the darkest night ever, and came through victorious... and our hope is that we will overcome, as well! The resurrection gives us hope that what we see is not all there is... a day is coming when we will be totally and forever transformed, and free from adversity!
* We had a couple this evening who were guests... and they both had the same first name and last name! That was pretty neat! (I told them I wouldn't post their names... but just think: what if you met a couple, and the wife said, "Hello... I'm Gail! And this is my husband, Gail!" I'm tellin you, that is so cool!!)
* My oldest son heard me preach tonight for the first time in a long time... and it was even longer since he heard me lead worship. He ran up to me after the gathering, and said, "Dad! You were awesome tonight!!" Yeah... I think I'll keep him. :-) Now, I'm blushing and turning purple...
* Okay... totally wasted tonight... will have to post somemore a little later!

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