Sunday, March 8

Sunday Nite Speak

* Ok... we had a great service tonight. Loved the vibe!
* I... LOVE... OUR... BAND!! Really... they're not professional musicians... but they give their all, and I love it. Great chemisty... and great sound. But, I'm biased. ;-)

* Worship set for tonight:

- I Will Remember You... Brenton Brown
- Your Grace is Enough... Chris Tomlin
- God You Reign... Lincoln Brewster
- Lord You Have My Heart... Delirious

* Started our new message series, EXTREME, with a message on Extreme Faith... from 2 Kings 4.1-7. Had a great time... very engaging tonight (maybe props helped, lol).
* I was mega convicted as I message prepped this past week... will share over the next couple of days.
* Told the congregation tonight about something I'm believing God for (about Mosaic)... took a HUGE faith step in sharing it. Might get laughed out of town at the end of the year. :) But I don't care... sink or swim for me, baby! And don't worry... I'll fill you in soon. ;-)
* We had a person make a commitment to follow Jesus tonight... YAY, GOD!!! :)
* BIG UPS to Brandy Stewart (bass/vocals) and Daniel Park (keys) for helping out. We'll be seeing more of them... as well as some new faces on the stages before the end of the month, hopefully! Anybody care to guess? ;-)
* Hoping the weather will be favorable this week... we're picking back up with our Metro Outreach, handing out free breakfast bars to people headed in to work! I look forward to seeing some of you out there with me this week... Wed & Thurs 7:15-8:30am at the College Park station (in front of the steps leading down to the train). Oh... we usually do breakfast afterwards, for those who can hang. No pressure. ;-)
* It seems like it was just yesterday that I knew every person at Mosaic... more and more, I'm getting names wrong, and confusing faces... but that's all good - shows that we're growing. And that's an awesome thing! ;-)

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