Friday, March 6

Fill 'Er Up!!

I'm totally convinced that God wants more from our lives than He's presently getting. And I'm not talking about serving Him, although He may not be getting a great investment in that area, either. But I'm talking about the type of lives we're living: our we living life to its fullest? Our we living out our God-given purpose? Do we even know what our purpose is??

Too often we're content to settle for a "settle for" life, when God wants us to have a life of promise and provision. And not just in the sense of material things, but spiritually and emotionally, as well!

One of the greatest things I'm learning is that God wants more for us than we can ever imagine: He says to us, "Open wide your mouth, and I will fill it!" (Psalm 81:10) He's the God of provision... He's the God of satisfaction... He's the God who fills us in our emptyness...

... and He fills us with something we can never, ever get enough of...

... He fills us with Himself!

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