Monday, December 15

Sunday Nite Speak!

* We had a good gathering tonight... not great, but pretty good. But I tell you what: our people work hard, and they put forth their best effort every week. We've definitely got some things to tweak, but I love working with every single one... they're just totally awesome! :-)

* Worship was awesome! I love our band and worship leader!!

* A good number of new faces tonight in the crowd! That's kinda funny... cuz somebody with a huge church is reading this and is probably saying, "D PLUM, I couldn't tell you from Sunday to Sunday who's new and who's not!" But we're not hatin'! The Bible says to "not despise... small beginnings" (read it HERE), and we're thankful for what we have... but we KNOW that the harvest is soon to come!

* Message went okay tonight... a little long, but that happens. ;-) Next week, part 3 of the Just Walk Across the Room series... "When Stories Collide." You don't want to miss next week! Do whatever you've gotta do... but be there! ;-)

* Had a good Connection Group with my guys this morning... we met at IHOP for breakfast. It's great to see that bonds are developing tighter each week, and these guys have huge hearts for God... love you, my brothers!

* Tonight was a little strange... seemed as though I could sense people praying for us during our gathering. And the reality is that there are dozens, probably hundreds, of people praying for our church every week. Tonight I felt your prayers. Thank you. :-)

* It's really amazing that I get to do what I do... church planting is definitely not for the weak at heart; it's tough work. But I love it... and I love our people... and it's good to see the Mosaic community growing. People are excited about what's happening... and we haven't even cracked the tip of the iceburg yet... gotta love it!

* I received an email the other day from a good friend... one of our partners at the church... and he stated that he and his wife are praying for me. He went on to say that he "probably doesn't say it enough," but they really want me [and Mosaic] to succeed. Just gotta say that emails like that mean the world to a pastor... we can never get enough of them. That email came at the end of one of my toughest weeks in ministry... and it meant a lot. Thank you very much, my friend. ;-)

* Gotta send shout outs to my main man Malcolm, the sound guy! Tonight... no, every week... he busts his tail in making sure we've got good sound and that things are set up properly. Thanks, man, for working so hard behind the scenes... you rock, baby!

* You can always tell how valuable a person is when they're absent. My "right hand guy" (he does so many things, it's been hard to give him one title!) Bernard is vacationing with his bride, and - even though we had a good gathering and really didn't let anything fall through the cracks - it was just the little things that he always brings to my attention that we missed tonight. That speaks volumes about consistency and dependability. I appreciate you, man... hurry up back! :-)

* Last two shout-outs: I'd be remissed if I didn't mention MY bride... who also helps keep me together on Sundays, and helps me in so many ways. Thanks, babe! Also, Chuy and Karla... your musicianship never ceases to amaze me. ;-) SO thankful for you guys!

* The Cowboys pulled off a HUMONGOUS win tonight... even though there were some very questionable calls made against them, they overcame some hurdles and pounded out a much-needed win. Up next, Ravens! ;-)

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