Friday, December 12

Friday Final Thoughts...

* Glad this week is coming to an end... LONG week.

* Shawn and Seth were sick with a stomach virus yesterday... and I'm SO THANKFUL for Keda, cuz I can't handle "throw up" (that sounds nasty in itself, but it's better than "vomit"). She understands that, too, so she takes charge and sends me out of the room... thank You, Jesus! If you've seen Four Christmases... you remember the two Vince Vaughn scenes with the throw up babies? That's me... for reallio!!

* Learning quickly how messy ministry can be... honeymoon's wearing off! :-)

* The plot thickens... not only do the Cowboys need a big win this next game against the Giants, T.O. is running his mouth again. Not good. Hopefully, the media has blown his frustrations out of proportion, but I dunno. We need his head in these next few games.

* Looking forward to parte dos of Just Walk Across the Room! Excited about seeing our people invest and invite!

* We have a series planned for January... but thinking of moving it a little later, in order to maximize the New Year opportunity to teach on walking in new life. We'll see what God says over this next week or so...

* Had two college students make a decision this week to be baptized after the New Year! That gives us a couple of handfuls of people ready to be "dunked for Jesus!" :-)

* Had a great time speaking at Univ. of MD for the InterVarsity large group meeting this week! I really enjoy speaking into the lives of college students! This meeting (at least, the message portion) was pretty evangelistic... as we shared Why We Celebrate Christmas. And a couple of the students made decisions to follow Christ... YAY, GOD!!

* If you're looking for a speaker to challenge your youth... you should consider bringing in THIS GUY to speak. Shawn is quite possibly the most effective youth speaker in the country. For real.

(just felt lead to do that, Shawn... hope you don't mind)

* Now, if you're looking for someone to speak at your college event, THIS IS THE DUDE OF DUDES!!!! ;-)

* I love Christmastime... all the lights, the cheesy music (I really do like it!), the happy personas... even if they last only until Jan. 1... but most of all, I love the fact that God loved me enough to come here and rescue me from me... and restore me to Him. The GREATEST GIFT OF ALL is available to all: and His name is Jesus.

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