Thursday, December 18

Coaching Network

Looking forward to my Coaching Network today with Nelson Searcy... dude is a SYSTEMS GURU! I'm learning so much, and am very thankful for the opportunity to be involved with this group of guys. And it's by teleconference, which is cool because it doesn't involve any travel. :-)

If you're a senior pastor or church planter... and you know you could use some coaching... definitely consider applying for Nelson's network - you won't be disappointed at all!


Kevin Davis said...

I want to vicariously get some coaching through post some take aways.


Will definitely start posting some takeaways. Since the network meets monthly, it might be a minute, especially since we're right at the holidays and I have some other posts planned, but I promise to get some stuff up soon!

Don't know WHY I've never posted on this before! Must be on crack!! ;-)

Anonymous said...