Sunday, December 21

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Good service tonight! A little taxing... felt like I preached a little harder tonight, not sure why.
* Dip in attendance, but expected that... missing alot of the college students.
* Karla did a GREAT job leading tonight!
* Only had a keyboard, violin, and drums (what a mix, right?), but it sounded good! Man, we've got the funkiest fiddler around! :-)
* Looking forward to spending some time with my fam over the next few days... my batteries need recharging BIG TIME!
* Got an email message about a comment on the blog from this guy... his comment was simply "Hello", and I was about to delete it b/c I thought it was linked to some crazy site or something. But I decided to click on his name, and I saw that he really has a blog... and a powerful testimony! And get this: he's had over 2,000 visits to his site since Nov. 16!!! What's so interesting is that he's a new believer, and is getting TONS of encouragement from people (I'm assuming that out of the 111 comments to his last post, many were encouraging). So, go read his story, and send some encouragement his way.
* By the way... what's your God story? Would love to hear it!! :-)
* My Cowboys are the most schizophrenic team in football, I think... no, I'm convinced... they are! Can't even believe they're still in the playoff hunt. Wow.
* We had our first Mosaic wedding on yesterday! Small ceremony... so proud of this couple! They're growing and just want to do things God's way now. I'm excited as to what God has in their future... pray for Alonso and Kim, as they continue to grow in God's grace and understanding what it means to follow Jesus!
* The boys and I will be having a kung fu movie marathon tomorrow, while Mom's at work. Here are some titles (great stuff!): 5 Deadly Venoms, Crippled Avengers, Shaolin vs. Wu Tang, and Fearless. You know what they say... "Everybody was kung fu fightin'!!" :-)
* So... we're down to the last couple weeks of 2008... have you fulfilled your goals for this year? Didn't get all of mine, but I'm looking forward to those being some of the first I knock out in '09!
* Looking forward to an awesome 2009 ministry year!! Really expecting God to do some BIG THINGS!!!
* Interactive question: what are some of your favorite Christmas memories? Shoot your comments this way! ;-)


Kevin Davis said...

I love a good fiddle...

Jason Curlee said...

dude...5 deadly venoms....My all time FAVORITE martial art movie