Wednesday, September 10

Since I've Been Gone...

To all my readers:

Sorry I haven't been posting consistently... still waiting for our DSL to be fixed by Verizon. But I just wanted to post some thoughts and keep you updated since I've been away...

* We had a great worship gathering this past Sunday! I started a new message series called God's Dream Team, about the Church (one of my passions). Attendance was up, music was crankin'... it was all good in the house!
* We had more college students out this past weekend... word is getting out about Mosaic... great stuff!
* My bride turned 36 today... seems like it was just yesterday when we started dating and she was 18!!! Okay... it doesn't really seem like yesterday, lol, but I can't believe we've been together for almost eighteen years!!
* We'll be having a table for Mosaic at Univ. of MD's First Look Fair next Wednesday and Thursday, from 10a-3p. This is an annual event, with a couple hundred tables representing campus organizations. Thousands of students will pass through the fair, so it will be great exposure for us! It's a great way for us to touch the lives of hundreds of students!
* Was asked to do a 3-part chapel series on church planting at Washington Bible College in November... should be interesting! :-) I'll also be speaking for Inter-Varsity and Campus Crusade this semester... God is definitely opening doors for me to minister to college students, AND THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!
* This is SO funny: I'm at Starbucks, close to the Univ. of MD campus... and this hot-looking chick (relatively-speaking... I'M SAYIN'!!) just walked up to this geeky-looking dude and said, "Hey, I just wanted to come over and say, 'Hi'! I'm Dionne, from your 5:00 class... remember?" His jaw smacked the floor... he turned beet-red... and he said, "Uh-uh-uh-uh... what's your name again??" HILARIOUS, I TELL YA!! LOLOLOL!!!! Aw, man... I really need that laugh! I think she did that on purpose, too... :)
* The Cowboys looked good this past weekend... what a way to start the season! I hope Philly realizes that they won't be playing the Rams! ;-)
* I had only 55 points in my first Fantasy Football game... I suck, man! I made some changes for this coming weekend... we'll see how it goes!

Keda just reminded me that the date I'm supposed to speak at the WBC Chapel is Election Day... augh! Gotta find another date to speak...

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