Thursday, September 11

Coaching Session #2

I'm looking forward to my next Coaching Session with Nelson Searcy (in just a few minutes) ... this guy's gotta be the best systems person I've ever been around, hands down. And he's a great coach. There are a few dozen guys in this network (it's done via teleconference), but it's well worth it. I'm learning tons, especially since I'm not a strong organizer. Getting a vision from God, and casting it is one thing... implementing it is a whole 'nother baby altogether! ;-)

But where God guides, He also provides. We should never be afraid to step out in faith for what God's called us to do, simply because we don't feel equipped enough (who is?) God's calling is His enablement, and He will see to it that we get whatever it is we need to fulfill the task He's called us to do... we just have to be faithful in stepping out to do it!

Because sometimes it's not that we lack the skills, we just lack the guidance and confidence to do what needs to be done.

We all need great coaches... who is coaching you?

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