Tuesday, August 12

Touchdown Tuesday!

I haven't posted since last Thursday, so I just wanna catch you guys up with the haps of D-PLUM... got some scores to highlight! ;-)

* We had a great time at Rita's on Saturday! People were really excited about their free gift cards... many were like, "Why? Why are you all doing this?" To which we got to share about God's abundant grace and how we're simply trying to reflect His love and grace. Quite a few connections made... looking forward to us doing it again later this month!

* Sunday's gathering was great... a little lower on the attendance side, but still had some first timers and return guests! We're almost finished with the God On Film series... it's been great, but I'm looking forward to finishing it! ;-)

* I have a Sunday off this weekend... my friend Dave Michener will be standing in for me. Dave's been a good friend, and I've leaned on his vast wisdom over the years... he's an incredibly wise and gifted man. You don't want to miss this Sunday!

* Darren, Jr. started basketball camp today... he thinks he's LeBron James. :-) But his excitement had ME excited! He definitely takes after his Dad with a love for sports... although he's a Ravens fan! I won't hide it against him, though...

* Still awaiting Batterson's new book to arrive... hopefully it will get here in time for me to do my review by the Aug 19 deadline! But at least I'm having some down time to finish Shawn Woods' new book, 200 Pomegranates and An Audience of One. Let me just say... I'm in chapter two, and this book is INCREDIBLE!! Shawn really did a great job with his first book. Man, these guys are making me wanna get going with my writing!! ;-)

* Also, I'm reading Margaret Feinberg's latest release, The Sacred Echo... I love her writing style! AND... drum roll, please... Margaret will be speaking at Mosaic DC this fall! Yup... you heard it hear first! I'll post the date in about a month, but if you wanna nail it on your calendar now then just shoot me an email! ;-)

* Enjoyed the Leadership Summit last week... wasn't the best I've attended, but it was good just to go. Anytime you get a chance to hear Bill Hybels on leadership, you don't pass this

* Finally saw the award-winning (from 5 yrs ago) 21 Grams today... very touching movie, and pretty disturbing, too. But one of the reasons I like movies like that is it forces me to think of how I'd minister to someone in that kind of pain. What would say to your neighbor, who's husband and little daughters were run over by some guy in a truck?? You'd better really have some Jesus in you, baby, cuz little trite "God knows your pain" answers don't cut it then.

* I begin meeting with a Senior Pastor Coaching Network with this guy later this month via teleconference... SICED! (DC word, lol) Can't wait... and I need it! ;-)

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Andrew Kulp said...

Hey D!

I got my copies of Goose Chase yesterday. Hope you get yours!