Thursday, August 7

Thursday Three Plus One

Okay, so now that Blogger allows you to "post-date" blog posts, I've been pretty consistent with posting something every weekday. Thanks to all of my readers who consistently hit my blog... you rock, big-time! ;-) Hopefully, the Thursday 3+ will be a regular weekly post... we'll see! :-) Here goes:

1. Attending the Willowcreek Leadership Summit today and tomorrow... I used to look forward to this every year. It was my "getaway" of sorts, and a much-needed leadership shot-in-the-arm for me. I've been to 4 or 5, but I didn't go last year... and I didn't plan on attending this year, but I got a free registration (can't pass that up, ya know?) So, it'll be good to get back into the Summit swing. ;-) I don't follow Willow much these days... but Bill Hybels is still the man, in my book. What Billy Graham is to some (revered-wise), Bill is to me. It's just that way. Love the guy (no disrespect to Billy G., though!)

2. Baptized one of our newer Mosaic attenders this morning! Rahim started coming out several weeks ago with one of our UMD students... loved it... and kept coming back! He's transferring to another school on a soccer scholarship in another week or so, but wanted to get baptized before he goes. So, we gathered over at one of my friend's house, who has a pool... and myself, Rah, 4 of his friends (the guy who actually led him to Christ baptized him with me), and his mom (who was visiting from Jamaica) had ourselves a little baptism service. :-) We had a great time... and just hearing from his friends how much Rahim has grown over the last few months was a tremendous encouragement to me!

3. I got selected to be one of the "premier bloggers" for Mark Batterson's blog tour for his latest book, Wild Goose Chase! Ok, they didn't quite put it like that. :-) But I am excited to be a part of this blog tour, and reading/reviewing Mark's book! ;-) For those who didn't read his most recent book before he got into "goose-chasing", you owe it to yourself to do so. It's a great read, and will stretch your faith in an incredible God who does incredibly awesome things for those who will step out in faith and trust Him to do the incredible! ;-)

4. Can anyone other than me not see Brett Favre in a Jets uniform? Well, I guess it's not too difficult switching from Green/Yellow to Green/White... just will be weird to see him play for a team other than Green Bay! I only wish there was a Jets-Packers game on the schedule for NFL '08!


Kevin Davis said...

What's up?! I found you off Margaret's blog and am glad to have. I have a few friends at the conference with you - wish I could have gone. Anyway, I've enjoyed perusing around and will check back.

I also added you to my twitter community.

Kevin Davis said...

Forgot to mention that I'm on the blog tour as well and excited to review the Wild Goose Chase. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.