Wednesday, August 6

Mosaic Facebook Group at 300!!

Okay, so I'm LOVING Facebook! I can see how some can get tired of it... but I'm such the connector, it just fits who I be! :-) So far, Mosaic DC's Facebook Group has reached 300 members! That's just freakin' awesome!

So, you say, "Why are you so excited about that? ARE YOU GUYS INTO NUMBERS?" Yes, indeedy, we are! But not just for "numbers' sake." Every "number" represents a person... and each person has some connection to our church. Maybe they attend, or they're praying for us... maybe they live on the "left coast" but have relatives here in this area that are unchurched, and they're peepin' them about Mosaic DC (that has actually happened). We also have present attenders who found their way to Mosaic thru Facebook... I love it!

We're praying for more to connect with us on Facebook! So, if you're out there, and you're on Facebook... come by and join our group! (look under "groups" for Mosaic Community Church)

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