Thursday, August 14

Thursday Three Plus

* I have one of the most patient, awesome wives in the entire world... who I take for granted much too often. You're a jewel, babe... glad you're mine. ;-)

* Took my 3 princes to the Nationals game last night... the Nats got TOASTED! They gave up 8 runs in the 3rd inning, and lost 12-1. Their pitcher (whose name I can't remember and is not worth me reseaching simply to find out just to link him) threw 51 pitches and walked 5 batters in the 3rd inning alone! What a debut for my sons. :-) The park was nice, though...

* Beginning this weekend, I will take a much-needed break from ministry, so I will only post sparingly over the next couple of weeks. I'll have alot of downtime to spend with fam... but, of course, I'll shrivel up if I don't read at all... so I may post a book review or two during that time. Or, if I simply have an amazingly funny story to tell... which is highly likely, with my crew. ;-) But, after Labor Day, I'll be back on a regular.

* Getting seriously ready for NFL Football!! I feel like this might be the year for my Cowboys! Of course, I say that every year...

* Anyone ever been to Medieval Times? I'm taking Darren and Shawn Saturday night. They're looking forward to the jousting, but I'm looking forward to eating the meal with no utensils! How often do you get a chance to do that??? :-) I think I'm gonna watch First Knight or Braveheart to get some pointers, so I don't look too crazy.

* Can you believe it's just about time for school already?? DANG!!

* Still haven't received Batterson's book yet... this guy must be special because he got his yesterday. No fair, Andrew! :-)


Chris S. said...

Hey, I got Wild Goose Chase a few days ago and posted my review already ;-)

Anyway, Medieval Times is great fun if you can REALLY get the people you are with to cheer for your particular knight, it's also great fun to heckle the other knights!
Great times, really expensive times but great.

Kevin Davis said...

I got my books too. So far - I love the book, realizing it is specifically speaking to where I am in life - I'm lovin' it (Mcie's D style).

Andrew said...

It's a great book, too! Already quoted it in my small groups stuff this week. Hope you get it soon!